Planning. The best plan of all.

Colleen Keegan of the Creative Capital Professional Development Program has a great line for encouraging artists:

Bigger Dreams. Smaller Steps.

This couldn’t be more true for someone looking to take on a public art project. Doing anything in the public realm, takes a lot of planning (if it is going to be done well and if it is going to be effective/succesful). You have research, writing, funding, permitting, producing, etc etc. But, by no means should you cut back on the scale of the project. The best way to get through is to plan things.

And write it down.

Write a plan, then within each step break it down further and further until the things on your to-do list are determined by week and are things you can take on in a short period of time. Make each step small enough and do-able enough that there are no hurdles.

Now thats a plan
Now thats a plan

For example, say you want to do a performance in the park. You will need to do a months out plan that includes your promotional plan, production plan, writing, costumes, staging, post production, permits, etc. Write down what needs to be done for each of these and then the months out. Let’s take on press (that would be under promotions) and even more finite then that, plan out what type of press (print, blog, news, magazine) figure out the timeline for each of those. So from there maybe you have written down “NYTimes” as one of your dailies. You know you need to give them information about 2 weeks ahead so that they can schedule someone to attend the event. And you know you need to figure out who you are pitching it too (arts? or another human interest section that your performance piece might appeal to). So whats the small step in all of this? Research section of the NYTimes and find writers who would be interested in the piece. You could even break that down further, and take on a different section each day. Suddenly it starts to seem do-able. Then the next step is simply emailing those reporters and introducing your project (you would have written a short blurb introducing the project & a press release as part of another step).

Don’t try to lump them all in together, that’s when it becomes overwhelming.

One day at a time, one step at a time.

image courtesy of flickr creative commons licensing: Google master plan: service offerings by niallkennedy

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