Tell Everyone!

One of my favorite stories to tell/pieces of advice is about “telling everyone.”

I’ve argued (in my other blog) that there is no reason for an artist to not talk about their work. To hell with shyness or modesty. No one knows your work better than you and no one cares about your work more than you, so why wouldn’t you be it’s best and most capable promoter?

Aside from that, when you are working on a public project, it’s likely that you will need a lot of resources, information and connections. The beauty of telling everyone is that you never know who (or what) someone is going to know.

My own story is that I went out to dinner with my husband and some of his work friends. My previous art self, when asked about what I do, would have mumbled about installation art, repetitive natural forms, blah blah blah. This time however I launched into my quick elevator pitch about the project. The dinner companions asked some questions and I gave them energetic and honest responses about the project, the challenges any my needs.

One guy asked “Do you need to speak with someone at DOT? My old roommate’s dad is head of the DOT in the Bronx.”

Well I certainly did need to talk to someone at DOT! Turns out the dad was actually the head of DOT in Brooklyn! Even more perfect. I am pretty sure that if I had not had that conversation, I would never have gotten that meeting.

I am always fascinated by who people know and how willing they are to make connections. So figure out your elevator pitch and start sharing your creativity!

(And I am serious, tell EVERYONE!)

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