Where’s the puppy?

There’s a saying in the non-profit world regarding fundraising efforts. The question is “where’s the puppy?”

What that means is ‘show me what I am paying for’ and ‘make it compelling.’ Ultimately it also means appeal to my heart, not my mind.

If you are embarking on a fundraising drive, make sure you let people know what they are paying for and why. The best way to do that is to give concrete examples of how their money will support the project, i.e.:

  • $25 will pay for 2 bags of chalk (which will mark 6 miles)
  • $50 will pay for a lighted beacon (there will be 50 in total)
  • $100 will pay for 200 information packets, and
  • $1000 will pay for the tricycle for transportation

If you can, include pictures relevant to the project.

So if you are writing an email or a letter, first describe the project (be concise!) Then your suggested donations. Finally,make sure you have a call to action: “donate now.”

Here’s a great example from Julia Mandle Performance.

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