Hi! My name is Eve Mosher. I am an artist who lives and works (sometimes) in Brooklyn. I wanted to create a website that shared what I have learned (and continue to learn) about creating public works (mostly non-traditional – but that might change in the future).

Please feel free to share any of the information that you find on this site, I just ask that you attribute it when re-blogged, printed or distributed. It is all licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (by-sa). This license lets you remix, tweak, and build upon my work even for commercial reasons, as long as you credit you and license you new creations under the identical terms. This license is often compared to open source software licenses. All new works based on mine will carry the same license, so any derivatives will also allow commercial use.

To learn more about my body of work, visit EveMosher.com.

My project sites are:


Seeding the City

Insert ____ Here

Thank you for visiting!

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