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Artiscycle Platform

My friend, Chris Kennedy was interviewing me for a project he is working on – one which will be valuable to artists who work in communities. The working project information is on his site. The summary or basic premise is that he is looking to archive and codify the work that artists are creating in communities and through that provide a tool for educators and non-profit organizations to connect with art and or artists to help realize their goals. While a pretty huge undertaking, the…

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Know your audience

For artists who work in a studio/gallery based practice there isn’t much concern regarding who is looking at the work. You create your paintings/sculptures/new media/whatever and then find the audience. Not so with public art. It is important that you consider when you are developing the project – who is your audience. Both who are you trying to attract and who will you encounter based purely on the location you chose. Creating a work in the Financial District in Manhattan will be drastically different from…

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