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Title: HighWaterLineLocation: Graduate School of Design, Harvard UniversityLink out: Click hereDescription: The panel discussion will be sponsored by LandGSD and Green Design. The focus of the event will be a presentation by artist Eve Mosher of her project, High Water Line (, which visualizes the impact of climate change on coastal cities. A panel of three — a scientist, a critic and a designer — will then respond to her presentation, informing their responses according to their various expertise. Ed Morris and or Susannah Sayler,…

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Who Do You Think You Are

Title: Who Do You Think You AreLocation: Jane D. Marsching’s Studio Link out: Click hereDescription: If you have ever looked at a grant application and realized that your work doesn’t fit any of the categories, then this event is for you. Together we will brainstorm language that can accommodate experimental creative practices of the present and the future. The resulting language will be offered to the Massachusetts Cultural Council as a new proposed category for their Individual Artist Grant program and published on the Platform2…

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But Does it Work?

Title: But Does it Work?Location: EFA Project SpaceLink out: Click hereDescription: Artists/activists Joseph DeLappe and Steve Lambert join writer/activist/media scholar Stephen Duncombe to discuss what happens when artists interfere with existing structures of media in order to manipulate and use them as vehicles for political and social commentary. How do these forms of intervention compare to straight-forward art activism, and what are these artists hoping to achieve? How does one even measure success when utopia is the goal? The talk will focus on the artists’…

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