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Why you need the internet, and why the internet needs you

Disclaimer: I am a consultant/leader for the Creative Capital Professional Development Program “Internet for Artists” workshop. When trying to build awareness on a public project, there is nothing better than the internet. The internet gets you access to a much larger audience, and it can give your a project a life far beyond its actual lifespan. The internet provides a great repository for sharing the story of your project. There are a few ways that you can really make the internet work for you. Build…

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Friends in High Places

Maybe not the highest places, but high enough to be of great help. I am talking about Community Boards. Not all cities have them, but most have some kind of equivalent.* Other powerful groups that can play a similar role are Business Improvement Districts (BID’s), park support groups (Conservancies or “Friends of…”), Parent-Teacher groups or other neighborhood organizations. All of these organizations share similar traits: For many of the members this is a second job (you will see why this is important later). They are…

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