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Writing Well

One of the things you get a lot of practice doing when taking on this kind of work is writing – for grant applications, press materials, other supporting documents. There are a few things I have learned along the way, and they may not necessarily be what would get you through a masters writing program, but they seem to work for me: 1. Love the outline. Put down the list of things you want or need to address in your proposal* and then reorganize that…

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Planning. The best plan of all.

Colleen Keegan of the Creative Capital Professional Development Program has a great line for encouraging artists: Bigger Dreams. Smaller Steps. This couldn’t be more true for someone looking to take on a public art project. Doing anything in the public realm, takes a lot of planning (if it is going to be done well and if it is going to be effective/succesful). You have research, writing, funding, permitting, producing, etc etc. But, by no means should you cut back on the scale of the project.…

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